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  • Trump Treats Melania Like Crap Once More, Makes You Feel Sorry For Her (VIDEO)


    As many experts previously pointed out, Melania Trump is merely an object to her husband. The so-called leader of the free world needs a robot-like woman by his side that doesn’t challenge him, but strokes his rather large ego.

    Many people remarked on the apparently cold nature of the relationship between the Trumps, particularly in comparison to the Obamas. Let’s recall the inauguration ball, body language expert, Patti Wood, said the way in which they danced was indicative of an unbalanced relationship. Since then, there have been many inicidents in which Trump snubbed Melania in some way shape or form.

    While descending the stairs of Air Force One on the way back from his overhyped Florida resort club,  Trump walked ahead of his wife Melania. As he reached the bottom,he didn’t wait for her, instead he immediately hopped into the waiting car while taking in all the “praise.” Then, Melania seemed to realize that Trump took the seat closest and would not give up his place because that would mean the spotlight would turn to Melania. As a result, Melania was forced to walk around the car and get in the other side by herself.

    Watch the footage, below:

    Trump essentially has the manners of a caveman. If President Barack Obama ever treated his wife like this, you can bet Republicans will blow a gasket. The overgrown man-child seems to really get off on humiliating his own wife. He’s a pathetic excuse for a human being.


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