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  • Fox News Just F*cked Over WH, Publishes Report On Firing Of Trump Admin Member Before It Even Happens

    Crime, Donald Trump, Mueller

    Fox News has recently released a draft report prepared in the case of the firing of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. There is evidence that McCabe may be fired this weekend right before his retirement, which would cause him to lose his retirement pension.

    Fox News prematurely released the report before any announcement was made. The story was on the Fox News site for about 45 minutes before it was removed. In the confusion, Editor-In-Chief and vice president of Fox News’ digital platform, Noah Kotch, released a statement. In the statement, he said that the release of the report was a “technical error,” noting that they sincerely “regret this serious error.”

    Who Is McCabe And Why Does It Matter?

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions is currently reviewing a recommendation to fire McCabe right before he retires on Sunday. Those close to the Trump administration note that McCabe was frequently targeted by President Donald Trump, with the president constantly attacking him in private and in public.

    The reason why McCabe’s tenure is under review is that an internal evaluation discerned that McCabe approved and allowed FBI officials to speak to reporters about the Clinton Foundation back in 2016. The Justice Department determined that McCabe was not truthful. Ultimately, the FBI disciplinary process recommended his termination, and that decision has been delegated to Sessions.

    It’s worth noting that McCabe is also entangled with Mueller’s special counsel investigation, which is slowly exposing the truth between the Trump administration and Russian collusion. McCabe is also a potential witness when it comes to the possibility of Trump obstructing justice.

    To Trump Supporters, McCabe Is “Deep State”

    Many of Trump’s lackeys believe that McCabe is part of the “deep state.” This imaginary “deep state” is apparently designed to undermine the Trump administration at every turn, or something. They believe that a secret cadre of holdovers from the Obama administration is actively working against Trump on a number of different fronts, and it’s not entirely clear that Trump himself doesn’t believe the same thing — that would explain his obsession with punishing and/or firing everyone who worked for his predecessor.

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images