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  • The New Yorker Just Released Brilliant New Cover That Nails Trump Perfectly; He Will Hate This (IMAGE)

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    You can always measure success by when someone or something makes the cover of a magazine. Actually, the cover of anything, really — the front of a cereal box, a record cover, the front page of a travel guide, it doesn’t really matter. It says that whatever it is in that position of prominence is important. That it’s exemplary. The best at what it does.

    Maybe that’s why Donald Trump craves the cover of a magazine like you or I might be happy that someone at a store remembered our name.

    Unfortunately for the former reality star, magazine covers also show people who are the best at being terrible. The best at being villains. The best at being the worst.

    That’s this week’s New Yorker, and Trump is going to fly off the handle when he sees it, if he hasn’t already. The best covers tell a story, like any picture, and some borrow from stories that came before, and the New Yorker cover that will hit the stands the day after the airing of the infamous Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes does just that:

    There are a couple of stories being told here by the New Yorker’s Barry Blitt: The casual demeanor of the president, despite looking like a fool. His “exposure” to the media, displaying everything without even intending to.

    But most of all, it reminds us of the story that it immediately recalls — and which Trump’s entire presidency has been reminiscent of: “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

    We’re nearing the end of that story now, with some of the emperor’s closest advisors being sacked for telling him that he has no clothes on, but the simple fact that outlets are beginning to report on it for what is really going on — the blind leading the blind, a man completely out of his depth and possibly out of his mind.

    It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for the old chump. After all, “are we all here standing naked, taking guesses at the actual date and time?”

    Trump is.

    Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images