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  • Trump’s Tax Plan Is About To F*ck Over His Own Son As He Goes Through Divorce (DETAILS)

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    Proving that he is just like his father and is drowning in marital problems, Donald Trump Jr.’s soon-to-be ex-wife Vanessa Haydon Trump has just filed for divorce. While it’s certainly humiliating to go through a very public divorce in front of the entire country, the news is going to get far worse for little Donnie Junior. It turns out that the tax plan that his father, President Donald Trump, is so proud of could screw him over big time.

    Trump Jr. and Vanessa have five children together and have been married for 12 years. However, Vanessa has had enough of her life becoming a circus thanks to Trump’s presidency. She has filed for an “uncontested divorce,” which could mean that Vanessa does not expect a trial and would instead opt to negotiate a settlement agreement through lawyers. This would involve child custody, support, distribution of property, and alimony.

    New York matrimonial law expert Jennifer Rosenkrantz weighed in on Vanessa and Trump Jr.’s divorce and said:

    “The Trumps almost certainly have a prenuptial agreement which controls how much maintenance Vanessa Trump will get. Assuming that the maintenance provisions in the agreement are not “unconscionable” (a high burden to meet), they will be upheld and she will be bound by them. Without a prenuptual agreement, a court would determine the correct amount of spousal maintenance by applying a standard formula to the parties’ income; that formula would allow for a maximum of $3,066.67 a month in alimony.”

    Generally, alimony is not a pleasant thing to deal with for an ex-spouse, but in the past paying spouses have been able to soften that blow by being able to deduct alimony on their taxes. However, Trump Jr. is in for a rude awakening when he finds out that his father’s tax plan changed that! Beginning in 2019, alimony payments won’t be deductible anymore. If Vanessa drags this settlement out until after January — which she likely will because she also won’t have to report alimony as income under Trump’s new plan — Trump Jr. is going to find himself screwed.

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