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  • Trump’s Staff Just Went Behind His Back; You Won’t Believe Who They’re Bringing Back To The WH

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    A few days ago, President Donald Trump made a decision to fire his longtime personal aide. John McEntee was fired because he is currently under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes. McEntee was reportedly escorted from the White House on Monday.

    Shortly after, the former aide joined Trump’s re-election campaign as a senior advisor. McEntee, who was one of few aides who did not have their access to the President limited when John Kelly became the chief of staff last fall, was one of a select group of staffers who were often summoned by the President to the White House residence. So, his unexpected firing was a huge shock to everyone in the White House. The so-called president obviously did not give his staff a heads up, which could be why the White House has now decided to potentially rehire the former Trump aide.

    According to Politico, White House chief of staff John Kelly has told aides that there are discussions about rehiring John McEntee to a role in the Trump administration. In addition, the report indicated that Kelly and others in the West Wing believe McEntee has been unfairly maligned in the media and many are uncertain as to why Trump even fired his most trusted aide in the first place.

    Politico, who cited Washington Post, said the security risk could be due to a gambling problem McEntee had:

    “Multiple people familiar with the issue said it pertained to his propensity for high-dollar gambling, as The Washington Post reported Thursday night. The Post noted that the gambling wasn’t illegal, but there were concerns it made McEntee a potential security risk.”

    Nonetheless, Trump had McEntee removed from the White House with not even his jacket on, so it’s easy to assume Trump wanted him gone immediately. But his staffers are plotting to rehire him for another key role in the administration without Trump’s approval or awareness. It’s safe to say that when Trump hears this news, we can expect more firings in the near future.

    Featured Image via Getty Images/Alan Nunn