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  • House Intel Republican Just Threw His Party Under The Bus, Says Panel Did Not Investigate Collusion

    Crime, Donald Trump

    House Intelligence Committee has shut down its investigation on possible Russian interference, with a top Republican at the helm of this investigation.

    On March 12, the investigative committee will interview no more witnesses, subsequently releasing a report that tells us that there was no evidence of collusion with Russia. The report also fires back at claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin had preferential treatment for Donald Trump during the presidential race.

    That Committee And Those Claims? Bullsh*t

    Republican Mike Conaway recently said that the House Intelligence Committee did not investigate any collusion. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Conway said that their “committee was not charged with answering the collusion idea.” He added that the committee is not even focused on that direction.

    Conway headed the committee’s probe after Devin Nunes recused himself. After the report was released, many committee Democrats lambasted it, calling the investigation a fraud.

    Interestingly enough, Conway did not interview former campaign aide George Papadopoulos and other vital figures because he did not want his investigation to overlap with Robert Mueller’s special counsel.

    Trump Continues To Attack The Actual Investigation

    On Sunday morning, Trump renewed his beef with Mueller and the investigative team, alleging that the team is made up of 13 “hardened” Democrats. He then added that some of the people are “crooked Hillary supporters”.

    Trump forgets that Mueller is a longtime Republican. Trump has taken the habit of attacking those on the team since it’s inception. Back in June 2017, Trump attempted to discredit the team, saying that it was lead by ” some very bad and conflicted people!”

    Mueller’s special counsel consists of white-collar lawyers and respected prosecutors. They have experience in public corruption, cyber terrorism, and fraud. The team will get to the truth, regardless as to how Trump feels about it.

    Featured image via Getty/Mark Wilson.