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  • Melania Is Holding A ‘CyberBullying Summit’ Next Week And Trump Just Destroyed It (VIDEO)

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    For a while, it seemed that First Lady Melania Trump had completely abandoned her cyberbullying crusade due to her husband’s vile behavior on Twitter. After announcing that she would be focusing on a cyber bullying campaign after Donald Trump won the election, Melania rarely spoke about it again after the onslaught of negative Trump coverage. But it turns out, she’s making a major attempt to give it a second try — and the president ruined it. Again.

    CNN just reported that next week, Melania is hosting a “cyberbullying summit” with tech leaders. Unfortunately, Trump’s unhinged behavior over the past few days has once again overshadowed the First Lady’s efforts to contribute to America. CNN’s New Day hosts Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul pointed out the controversy in Melania’s summit by sharing a list of insults that Trump regularly uses on Twitter to bully people. Paul said:

    “Next week, First Lady Melania Trump is hosting a gathering at the White House where she will speak with social media executives about helping to prevent cyberbullying and expected to talk to them what they have done to combat online harassment.”

    The summit is a big deal, as Melania has been nearly invisible since the many sex scandals involving her husband have come to light. CNN correspondent Kate Bennet pointed out that this summit is a “coming out” for Melania — and her husband is going to ruin it.

    Paul continued, displaying a graphic of Trump’s most common insults:

    “Let’s take a look at a list here that has been compiled by Victor doing his research of insults that the president has used via Twitter. It goes on and on. With that said, people — a lot of people view him as being guilty of online bullying. What is Melania’s Trump influence at this meeting given what we see from her husband?”

    Bennet pointed out how Melania’s summit won’t have any credibility due to Trump’s behavior:

    “Melania Trump’s office has said to me, when I asked about her about her tackling a topic of cyberbullying is flying in the face of her husband, and her office says she doesn’t care. Nothing about what she is doing that really is cohesive with the president in terms of her messaging and that is fine with her as she is independent.”

    You can watch the segment below:

    Trump and his Twitter habits are going to make this summit hell for Melania. She is about to be put on the spot and get loads of negative coverage for heading a cyberbullying campaign that can’t even hold the biggest bully on the internet — the president — accountable. Once again, Trump ruins it for his wife.

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