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  • Don Jr.’s Soon To Be Ex-Wife Just Leaked Reason Why She Is Divorcing Him (DETAILS)

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    As Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump finalize their divorce, multiple sources claim Vanessa’s life at home isn’t as glamorous as one would expect.

    Vanessa leaked a confession, revealing that the real cause of her split with Don Jr. is because he “treats her like a second-class citizen” and kept her on such a tight budget, she had to turn to her mother for money.

    Vanessa’s close friends spoke about the relationship between the two and one claimed that Trump’s eldest son “gives her very little help and has been keeping her on a tight budget. She doesn’t live a lavish life and can very rarely pick up a check at dinner.”

    A second source admitted that Don Jr. “was never generous with money,” leaving Vanessa to rely on her own family member for financial needs.

    Despite their picture-perfect relationship in public, sources indicated that the couples’ problems go as far back as 2005, before their marriage even began, adding that Vanessa was shopping around for divorce lawyers right before Donald Trump won (stole) the election in 2016.

    “She was interviewing divorce lawyers before [Trump’s presidency],” another source said. “No one thought he’d win. He won and she decided to stay until his term is over. But she just couldn’t stand it anymore.”

    The truth of the matter is the Trump family is up to their chins in debt, which is why they’re always making shady business deals with Russians. Trump Jr. most likely isn’t cheap — he’s just broke and daddy isn’t able to provide as much money as he would want. However, never being generous with money is right up the Trump boy’s alley. The Trump family, contrary to what they claim, have never been generous or charitable with others. Trump Jr. inherited that trait from his narcissistic father. Hopefully, Vanessa snags a good lawyer to combat the Trump family name and leaves Trump Jr. empty-handed in this divorce case.

    Featured Image via Maegan Callahan/Getty Images